About Me

I have always been a creator. Making things and coming up with new ideas for old things. My mother has always given me things that are great, but not useful to her, because she knows I will do something with it. I first discovered vintage shoe buckles at an antique mall in Nashville. I saw one and thought it would be wonderful as a charm. From there I kept running into different chains and other buckles that were beautiful. I made my first necklace and gave it to a friend for her birthday. She received so many comments on it I thought I would make some more. I almost sold out at my first little show and kept getting requests. I love putting these treasures together, each one is totally unique and absolutely one of a kind. Each piece is a one of a kind creation made with with vintage or antique pieces. They are to be worn with the buckles to the side unless shown otherwise. Some buckles actually unhook, some can be worn wrapped around twice but others do not and so the necklace just slips over your head.
I chose the name Gild because it expresses adornment. It means covering something already beautiful with some more beauty. I also love to combine elegance with casual, simple with extravagant. My necklaces can be worn for any occasion. Dress up or dress down. I wear mine with t-shirts and jeans.
I have also added some home items to my shop. Acrylic bases with pieces of quartz and ormolu- little sculptures to adorn your home.
Please contact me if you have any questions. I have many more pieces that are not on this on line store.
Thank you for your interest.

Mary Kay